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Congee Village Review: Congee Village

Happy New Year! I have some of the same resolutions as many other individuals: eat better, live healthier, lose weight, be a better person, blah blah blah. You know, stuff. Somehow that impetus morphs like a caterpillar by the time November rolls around. Instead of losing weight, you get new pants. Same idea, right? In 2008 my resolutions will be simple - eat more of everything. Of course I will do the other stuff, be meaner, be less polite, be more misogynistic, and be the best a-hole that I can be. In the spirit of eating better, maybe I will just talk about the food for now. Congee Village actually has two locations, but the food is the exact same no matter which location you eat at. Of course their specialty is congee; I have only tried three kinds: pork with preserved eggs, sliced fish...