Pierre Herme Peach Tart

Pierre Herme Peach Tart

One nice thing about the short time we had in Paris this past summer was that it was our first time there in the summer together, and summer means ice cream! After our delicious breakfast on the sidewalk, the most logical thing was to walk off the food and make room for more patisserie goodness. And what better to eat in the summer in Paris than a macaron ice cream sandwich from Pierre Herme?

So we were in the Pierre Herme store on Rue Bonaparte, and we waited in line to order. Here I should mention that throughout our long summer vacation, I had been wearing the same ‘breatheable’ shirt because you know, it was pretty warm in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taipei. And my man titties poked out from the shirts a bit. When I tried to order, the guy couldn’t get my order right. Steph said he was staring at my awesome anatomical goodness. But lets move on…

We got the montebello flavor, which was pistachio with raspberry. I never thought pistachio and raspberry go together, but apparently it’s a pretty good combo. We ate ours next to the Fontaine Saint-Sulpice that’s like a block away from the patisserie. We were enjoying the ice cream sandwich, all the while make sure birds didn’t rain poop from the skies. Someone actually came up to us while we were eating this and asked us for directions to Pierre Herme. Amateurs…

Usually when Steph and I arrive back in NY from France, we lament how little weight we gained, and how we should always order that extra thing at the patisserie and that’s why I made sure we also got a tiny macaron just for the hell of it. Because why not?! Paris really should be the city of pastries. We already knew how awesome Pierre Herme macarons are so just getting a tiny bite with other pastries was fine.

Steph got a peach with cumin and rose tart. This was another example of something we never really had a chance to eat before because peaches were actually in season around that time. Because my taste buds resemble those of an ogre, I could nary detect any cumin or rose. With that said, the tart was fantabulous, sexy, and bonerific (because that sounds better than symphonic).

After being stuffed with pastries from Pierre Herme, we thought it would be nice to walk to the Orsay Museum. It’s a museum on the bank of the Seine, and they have lots of paintings and sculptures. We strolled around the museum a bit and then found the second floor. The museum is inside of an old train station and it looks really cool. Even though the museum allows no photography, EVERYBODY and their mamas were taking pictures of the first floor of the museum. Obviously the titty man followed along.

After you walk through the paintings, you could go to the top floor of the museum where they have an outdoor area where you overlooked the Seine and you see the Tuileries Garden. From there you could also see the Sacre-Coeur off in the distance. It’s a good look if you ever find yourself in Paris.

Posted by Danny on January 10, 2014 at 9:42 pm

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