Pies and Sighs in New York

Pies and Sighs in New York

At some point in my tenure in New York, I had a college degree, and voluntarily quit a full-time job from a company that was two acquisitions away from being bought by Google. I had two roommates in a railroad apartment, and my room had no windows. I remember it was around summer time, and I went to the July 4th hot dog eating contest on Coney Island for the first time ever. It was balls hot that year, maybe above 90. After that, I went home and sat alone in this living room and wondered when I had to move out of the city. My idea was to buy a one way ticket to Portland and then rent some small room, buy a scooter, and then… figure it out. What I would have missed out on would have been epic, but in a smaller sense, I would have missed out on things like getting Chicken and Waffle with Ming on a Sunday.

Pies and Thighs opened an outpost in Manhattan after being beloved for many years in Williamsburg. This new location is in an interesting spot that’s on Mott street east of Bowery. So it’s kind of close to one of those shady Chinese bus companies, and it’s also close to a hipster food place called Dimes. The location of the restaurant fascinates me to no end, and inside it feels like a diner that you’d like to call home.

One thing I remember was that they were good about filling up our water glasses. And since I don’t drink at restaurants too much, I really appreciated that. The fried chicken and waffle was just OK. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it for the food, but for the thing of saying you’ve gone to Pies and Thighs. It’s good enough. It’s probably not as good as that fuku chicken that people line up to eat, but hey, queues are dumb.

Ming and I had a good conversation about job finding and things like that. He had a very Asian take on things, which was keep your head down, get good at shit, then find a better job. The problem is I enjoy writing blog posts more than memorizing the new features of ECMA Script 6 for interview questions. Like, who cares?

Wifey and I recently went to Chi-town to scope out the neighborhoods we might like next year. Chicago was damn awesome, but it still has something missing about it. It’s just not New York. My hands are tied, but man, until we gots to go, I gotta eat more chicken before leaving.

Posted by Danny on July 15, 2015 at 12:56 am

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