Pork shoulder test one

Pork shoulder test one

One of the things I realized after the start of this blog was that it was super difficult to force myself to write on certain days. Sure, it would always be easy to just post a picture or two without words, and that would totally make my life a lot easier. That would be no fun though. And I knew that sooner or later some of the writing would just degrade into a personal journal level. With that in mind, I just wanted to take two moments to say, HD DVR was the greatest invention ever, second next to whoever came up with the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. I wonder how much those girls eat. Seriously though, do you think those women have ever tasted hamburgers? (without barfing it back up afterwards?) Would they roast pork shoulder in the oven for six hours and then eat it?

I had some weird spice in my kitchen that was a mix of a bunch of random stuff that I had no idea what it really was. That was my excuse to make pork shoulder since that was going to be the spice rub. Mystery rub, mmmmm, delicious. First the pork shoulder was smeared in salt and pepper, and then the mystery spice rub that hopefully will run out soon. And then it was supposed to sit in the fridge for about a day, but I forgot about it the second day and it sat in the fridge for two days. No biggie. That thing was gonna go into the oven no matter what.

You could google pork shoulder and cooking time on google and everyone has a different idea. Basically the lower the temperature, the longer you cook it. I did not purchase a whole pork shoulder, this was a mini one, maybe three pounds? And I went with 225 degrees for two hours per pound. That meant about six hours. In reality it was in there for about seven. It was not too dry but I expected the meat to come off the bone more easily, and that really was not the case. Perhaps even slower and cook it even longer? 200 degrees for 8 hours? That is the great thing about just buying a small one, because a six pounder could feed me forever and that would just be overkill.

Tonight was corn bread night again, and this time instead of milk I just used heavy cream. You cannot go wrong by substituting with something with a higher fat content, right? Right??? No one was there to stop me, therefore I did whatever I wanted (Man, I should be the president, then I could do anything ever, invent words like nucular and internets aaaaand have a personal chef. Gotta look into monster dot com about this) and it turned out alright. Maybe I will experiment with it more next time. Oh a new discovery for everyone out there, if you mix enough Kalua with egg nog, it just looks like chocolate milk. Great disguise, great drink. More next time, kids.

Posted by Danny on December 17, 2007 at 2:48 am

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