Ribs that need a better rub

Ribs that need a better rub


If you live in New York City, and you do not fit into the brownstone yuppy clique, you find yourself without a backyard. What does this mean exactly? Well, for one, if you buy a dog, he or she has no backyard to run around. But ee gads Brain, what does that have to do with taking over the world or even a food blog? Oh little Pinky, it also means we do not have room to put a BBQ grill. I see all these recipes for BBQ since it is the summer time, and summer time = BBQ, but all I got is an oven. And lucky for me, there is no air conditioner in my kitchen. Doubly lucky for me, the kitchen is next to the living room. Soooo, any time I want to make ribs in the oven, the living room becomes a sauna. Booooo… there is one work around however…


And that would be to cook the ribs while you sleep, and eat it for breakfast. We have already gone over how I would eat anything for breakfast including sucking down dulce de leche. Given that, it should be no surprise that I would eat babyback ribs for breakfast.

To prepare for these ribs, I put it in brine for one whole day. Then, I proceeded to forget that they were in the fridge and ate out the next night, therefore they sat in brine for two whole days. The third day, I disposed of the brine and dried the ribs with a paper towel and applied too much salt with some pepper and chili powder. If you happen to sleep six hours a night like me, then this works out great. You put the ribs in aluminum foil and cover it, stick it in the oven at 275, then go to sleep. While you sleep, you could care less about how hot the kitchen + living room becomes. See? Genius. Oh but you say, what if the apartment burns down?! My reply – oh but what happens when Garfield and Hello Kitty have a love child together and shock the Comics section of newspapers world wide??!! Never gonna happen yo, chill.


Anyway, if you survive the overnight cooking process, you will be rewarded with a delicious rack of ribs. I always wonder about the term, “fall off the bone” because it seems ridiculous. No more. I finally know what it means. You see that rib picture that started this post? And the one right above this paragraph? The only difference is that I held the rib in one hand, and with the thumb and index finger of the other hand, pushed all the meat off of the bone and it just slid off. In one fell swoop, my rib became boneless rib. It was melty and delicious, the way you expect pork heaven to be like.

The next time I do this, I would first go find a rub recipe online, also try to do this in the morning and maybe go for 275 and 5 hours. A good amount of liquid came out of the ribs during the cooking process and perhaps reducing the cooking time would make the ribs even more moist. Anyway, I look forward to trying this more and more this summer. Does anyone have a good recipe for a rub?

Oh and two side notes. Today for lunch I stood at the counter and checked out the options for a burger. Figured it out, and made eye contact with the guys behind the counter. They also happened to be making burgers for another order, but they saw me because they turned around multiple times. It was a good five minutes before they asked me if I want to order. No dude, I just like making eye contact with greasy guys behind the burger counter for fun. Seriously, I felt like Obama standing in the middle of West Virginia and asking people to realize I was not invisible. Sheesh. Help a hungry dude out. Anyway the burger was a disappointment and I will not tell you the name of it. And the second note… I will go ahead and say something that most food blogs would not blatantly say because politics and food do not mix… But they do on my blog.

I will vote for Obama in November.

Posted by Danny on June 4, 2008 at 7:18 pm

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