Ripoffs and the playoffs and television

Ripoffs and the playoffs and television

I wanna talk about this Chinese take-out food I had two months ago. It was from a sichuan restaurant and the food was actually decent, since it was in Chelsea, not exactly where one thinks about good Chinese food, much less Sichuan food. They had a lunch special and it came out to $7.57. The dude when giving back my change, stared at the computerized POS once as get grabbed a quarter, once as he grabbed a dime, and once as he grabbed a nickle, and then just gave me $2.40. My problem with this is this… if you’re going to stare at the POS screen three separate times, maybe you can get the change correctly. But what I suspect is that they probably try to siphon off 3 pennies on each lunch special that they sell. The thing is, I’ve had this happen to me at another midtown Sicuan restaurant in New York. It just makes me think that all these Chinks are trying to get some off the book revenue three cents at a time. I did the calculations. Even if they managed an ungodly 500 covers of lunch specials for every day, that’s still only 15 dollars per day. Really? It’s worth it? I refuse to chalk this up to just the guy at the cashiers being fucking stupid, because when I called him out on it, ten minutes after the fact, he wasn’t even like, “Are you sure?” No, even ten minutes later, he knew he was a dick from the start. Chinks man. Not representing our kind so well sometimes.

While I’m ranting, I want to talk about sports fans since the World Series is going on right now. You know what gets on my nerves to no end? Team fans that call themselves sports fans. Case in point, Yankee fans that have stopped watching the MLB playoffs because his/her team is out already. Really?! If you’re a real baseball fan, you’d watch because these are games that actually matter. It’s the damn championship and New York fans don’t tune in because the Yankees aren’t in it? And this is not a phenomenon that only exists in New York. I find this happening with all kinds of fans everywhere. If you a Yankees fan that won’t watch the World Series if the Yankees aren’t in it, then you’re not a baseball fan, period, no matter how closely you follow the Yankees.

And The Walking Dead… who is watching this show? I love it. Best Show on television. As I’ve told my friends, zombie shows/movies are infinitely more believable than vampire shows/movies. Don’t ask me how, but the believability factor goes up with zombies vs vampires. There’s probably some science that’ll prove it, but for now just take my word for it. Did anyone else see the first episode? Spoiler alert if you haven’t… But goddamn it, how stupid was that little girl? Fucking wait til the adults come out first! I was telling Steph… “Yo, we would be soooo much better than that little girl during a zombie attack.” Seriously. The show just makes you wanna scream into the TV.

Posted by Danny on October 19, 2011 at 7:30 pm

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