Santouka Ramen Review: I think Mimi Sheraton is stupid

Santouka Ramen Review: I think Mimi Sheraton is stupid

Mimi Sherton is a fucking bitch. And Mimi Sherton, if you think there’s nothing in Brooklyn, then you’re fucking stupid. My oh my, where are my manners?! Oh wait, I’m a food blogger. Mimi, you’re quoted as saying, “The Times has certainly been very exaggerated in its Brooklyn coverage, because most of them live there. They begin to see it as being better than it is because it’s so close to them. I would go to Brooklyn if it were exceptional.” First of all, a lot of Manhattan restaurants are not exceptional. I know this because as a normal human being, I eat at all kinds of places, not just four star restaurants. And let me tell you, there’s plenty of bullshit in the city. In fact I ate real well outside of Manhattan a few weeks ago. It was not even in NY! It was in Jersey!

This of course raises another question Mimi Sherton. Does a restaurant have to be special or exceptional for people who live outside of Brooklyn to visit? It’s true, if Al Di La was in Manhattan, it wouldn’t stand out as much as it does on 5th avenue in Park Slope. Whether a restaurant resides in one borough or another really shouldn’t influence the amount of coverage it gets. If there’s a great place in the Bronx or in Staten Island, I’d expect The Times to cover it. Never mind that your rich hoity toity ass don’t leave the island.

I’m tired of the old school people who think that Manhattan is the shit and the rest of the world is like some 99 cent store. People like Mimi Sheraton should just retire, take their money and eat green market food at home all day long. Leave the rest of the food for the new school kids.

And Mimi Sheraton also said, “and the truck thing, I don’t know how long that’ll last. I don’t know where they eat it, that’s what I can’t figure out about a truck. Where the hell do you eat it?” You know where I want to eat it? I want to bend your old ass over and use your back as a table on the dirty sidewalks of Chinatown. That’s where I fucking eat it. Dumb cunt. I’m serious. Lotta y’all beating around the bush on twitter like you too good for name calling. I’m gonna go straight up uneducated 3rd grader on this shit. Fuck you Mimi Sheraton for being stupid.

See originally I was going to talk about how awesome Mitsuwa was. But that shit be in New Jersey. Yea. It’s not even in the same state! What would Mimi say about THAT?! Never mind that the ramen there rivals many of the top places in Manhattan (gasp!) Or that the katsu you get in the food court is exceptional and fried perfectly. No no no, travel is only meant if the place is enough to make you wanna rub one out (do you still rub ’em out Mimi?) On the other hand, people more educated and smarter than Mimi Sheraton have come to the conclusion that travel is half the fun and even if people could teleport, they don’t necessarily want to. I guess there is something to the idea of foreplay. Gosh, what a concept. But I guess Ms. Sheraton is a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’m type of madam.

This is not even a defense of Brooklyn. It’s a rant against stupidity. What do I know though. I’m just a food blogger.

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