Sapporo Review: Sapporo ramen

Sapporo Review: Sapporo ramen

As someone who has never really celebrated Christmas, I really should have been posting on this instead of be lazy. Haha. No way that was going to happen… For Christmas Eve and Day, all I did was eat, watch movies, and play video games. Did you know that Chinatown is PACKED on Christmas Day? I walked into Grand Sichuan and the guy told me the wait for four was, “very long time.” Guess eating at home would have been easier. On Christmas Eve eve, I went to watch I Am Legend and Juno. And then we sat in Sapporo eating ramen and talking what each of us would do if we got a girl knocked up. And while this has nothing at all to do with a food,you can read about my thoughts later on in this post.

Sapporo is known for one thing, and that is ramen. They also have other things on the menu, but the night we went, it was almost closing time and they only had ramen anyway. The Sapporo Special Ramen has a miso based broth along with the ramen, with some shreaded pork and corn and that fish paste cake thing they always put into Japanese noodles. And I know the picture looks like the ramen is yellow and radioactive – not the case, I simply suck at white balancing the photos.

The overall verdict on the miso ramen is that it is filling, tasty, though not extraordinary. Maybe ramen is something that is transcendent for some folks, but for me if it hits the spot, then it it works. I do not need ramen to rock my world, and for the record, the Momo ramen is good, but the ingredients make the ramen (most notably the pork), otherwise it is still just ramen. I also think it is funny that in midtown you can get this ramen for a little less than $8 before tax and tip, while the Momo ramen is $14. I guess the pork is worth six dollars.

I think if you are in midtown and you want something filling and affordable, Sapporo is a really great choice. And for all the talk about how ramen is just ramen, I would still take ramen over udons any day of the week. Anyone know where to get good Soba around the city, please let me know. Thank you. 🙂

As a side note, sometime next week I will post about McDonalds because well, someone asked me to. Mmm… fries. Right, so we were just sitting there and my friend said, “What would you do if you got a girl pregnant, would you marry her or what?” As a group, we all pretty much settled on the notion that none of us would feel obligated to get married, but will definitely take part in helping to raise the child. Although we mostly talked about a financial help, I think the question mostly centered on the idea of marriage itself and not necessarily whether we would help to raise the kid.

I wonder what three Japanese guys would say if they ate ramen in Japan. But three American guys eating ramen in Midtown? Hmmm…

Sapporo152 W 49TH St.New York, NY 10019212-869-8972

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