Semi-homemade ice cream sandwich

Semi-homemade ice cream sandwich

When you’re feeling lazy because the weather is so nice, you just don’t want to stay in the kitchen and cook. Fall weather in New York is fickle. It comes and goes and it’s over before you know it. It’s best to enjoy it while it’s here. What do you do then? You go with the semi-homemade route of course. Yea that’s right, I said it – semi-homemade. If you’ve ever seen the Food Network with any regularity, you must be familiar with the schtick of Sandra Lee. That’s what Food in Mouth is all about today. Today we’re going to satisfy my sweet tooth, Andrew Cuomo style. (I’m assuming because they’re a couple, that he down wit the semi-homemade deal).

If you’ve never seen the show before, maybe you need to watch Ms. Lee tackle the kwanzaa cake here. See? Simple. All you do is buy something from the store, add a lil sumthin sumthin, and voila! Semi-homemade. Or something like that. Yesterday I went and bought a couple of blueberry cream cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar because I wanted to make an ice cream sandwich with some homemade green tea ice cream. It’s easy. Baby let me show you how to do this. You’ve gotta move this. You’re doing fine. There’s nothing to it. Wait, that’s not right, that’s a song by Technotronic. Anyway, it really is easy to make an ice cream sandwich.

First you get some homemade ice cream. Or you can do store bought, Sandra don’t care. Get some of your favorite cookies, and basically you just schmear ice cream over the back of a cookie until you get enough to make a substantial sandwich, and then you finish the sandwich by squishing the other cookie against the ice cream. Then you’ll want to freeze this sucker so it doesn’t melt, and it’s ready for you the next day.

It’s possible to run into a minor snafu when you make ice cream sandwiches. The thing is, cookies don’t all freeze the same way… When you try to bite into an ice cream sandwich right out of the freezer, the cookie is just rock hard (duh, because it’s frozen). Also, normally you don’t account for the extra sweetness of the cookies + ice cream. It makes for a really sweet sandwich. For the last few bites, I ate it like an open faced sandwich because I couldn’t handle the sweetness of two cookies + ice cream.

You figure an ice cream sandwich is something that Momofuku Milk Bar could do really easily if they wanted. They could mix and match the flavors much nicer than I could at home. The only reason I picked the blueberry cream cookie was because I thought the chocolate one would be overpowering and the cornflake one would fall apart too fast. Maybe green tea ice cream wasn’t the best choice, but it was the only one in my freezer.

You see, semi-homemade isn’t that hard. Just start by buying something from outside, and the come home and put it on a plate. There, homemade. Since an episode of semi-homemade might leave you a little empty on the inside, I present you something with more substance. Yes… technically it’s just a Lady Gaga song… but it’s not just any cover… this one is done by a 5th grade chrous at PS22.

Posted by Danny on September 23, 2009 at 5:45 pm

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