Shake Shack Review: Custard calendar says have some bacon

Shake Shack Review: Custard calendar says have some bacon

There’s two schools of thought when it comes to specials on a menu. The first one is that if it’s good enough, it should be permanent. The second is the complete opposite – creating a temporary product creates a sense of urgency. By the way, if you didn’t know, sense of urgency also gets people to buy. Ultimately, I don’t know which is more correct. I just remember reading Kitchen Confidential about how you never order fish on certain days. Those are probably days when the fish becomes a special. Maybe a braised special with a heavy sauce. The incentive structure for a restaurant should always be on how to please the customer, although one can never be sure. So how about those Shake Shack monthly custard calendars? They change monthly and each day of the week is different. It’s like they want to lure me back there day after day with new flavors. It’s the lure of toys in a Happy Meal. Except it’s towards adults and on the idea of variety. I’m down with that when the variety is called Pancakes and Bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? Nazi’s, that’s who. Luckily, my birth certificate says that I wasn’t born in the U.S., although I do love freedom and bacon. And ice cream.

In the month of April, you can get the flavor Pancakes and Bacon on Saturdays. There’s only one more Saturday in April so you gotta rush. My bad for not writing about this earlier because damn, I’m fucking lazy. The frozen custard tastes sort of like pancakes, although not really. Seriously, what is the flavor of pancake? Isn’t it just warm, soft, bread-like type of thing? And who eats pancakes without syrup? You guessed it (but refer to end of paragraph one if you’re still confused). What is great about the frozen custard was the consistency. There have been times when I’ve experienced little icicles in my custard from the Shake Shack but this one was smooth and creamy. The bacon was the element that really made the ‘dish’. It’s just fun to have a salty, savory topping that’s not often paired with ice cream. Who need sprinkles when you can have cured dead pig pieces? For the record, I don’t like sprinkles because they cost money and often only provide me with visual but not flavor enhancements.

If Shake Shack made this a permanent item on the menu, I think it would sell well. At the very least, it’ll piss off vegetarians, give me a hard-on, and make me happy. Come on Danny Meyer, do it. Do it for Danny. But I did notice y’all do this custard often, as I had the very same thing in November of 2008. Fuck, I gotta quit this.

So I been thinking, summer is almost here. What do YOU want me to write more about? Just leave it in the comments or if you want to, send me an email at danny (at) foodinmouth (dot) com.

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