Spitzer's Corner Review: Brunch at Spitzers Corner

Spitzer's Corner Review: Brunch at Spitzers Corner


“I was wondering why you spend time taking pictures instead of eating the food.” The guy next to me inquired about my odd fooding habits. I had to explain to the kind sir that I was neurotic and preferred to take pictures and that I eat via photons. No, actually I just sheepishly told him that I was doing it for a blog. You know, that’s one thing that never really gets easier with time. Some bloggers are really good with handing out business cards and chatting up with strangers and they’re so good at networking that experiences like this would be very conducive to marketing for the blog. Instead I prefer to just tell people that I’m a dork and yea…. Mean while, I’m here to tell you about the brunch at Spitzer’s Corner, and how I’ll probably always prefer to brunch in the city as opposed in my own neighborhood of Park Slope.


Last month I ate out for brunch at a few places in Park Slope. Rose Water really didn’t impress me much. I think the thing that really bothered me about brunching in Park Slope was that the prices were the same or more expensive than in Manhattan. Now that’s just straight up wrong if you ask me. Maybe rent is equal here in the Slope vs some parts of Manhattan, but I still always get the impression that Brooklyn should be slightly less pricey.

Most of the items on the Spitzer’s Corner brunch menu is $11 or $12 and you get a good portion. It’s not like some IHOP stuff your face portion, but for $11 you get an omelet with red peppers, chorizo, scallions and potatoes. It’s good food at a good price. Maybe it’s not like the legendary brunches at Sarabeths or something like that, but for people who want a no frills meal? It’s great. Oh, also they have a good peach juice for $4. Mmmmm… peaches, so sweet and juicy…

The last random thing I want to talk about today is how a hostess at a restaurant can help the server get bad tip. The other day I waited at 10pm for a seat at Ippudo. And the hostess quoted 20-25 minutes that turned into 35-40. That’s fine, except right when she was about to lead us to the tables, she turned around quickly and blurted, “Sorry to keep you waiting.” Turned back, and started walking real fast. You know, like someone not caring at all whether the wait was longer than quoted. Then she proceeded to lead us to the worst seat in the house, right next to where servers took left over food to the trash. Mmmmm… awesome. Meanwhile, another server was cleaning up a table much farther away from the trash, and I’m thinking “Really, if you were sorry about the wait, how about not sticking us to the seats next to the trash?”

Shit like that could be easily avoidable if the hostess just didn’t say anything. It’s not like anyone really expects any type of response as they’re led to the table. And if you’re going to be insincere, definitely might as well not say anything. So despite the fact that the server was good, I had to say that the entire experience at Ippudo started off on the wrong foot. So maybe the tip woulda been 18 to 20%, and it definitely went down to 15% or less.

Spitzer’s Corner101 Rivington St.New York, NY 10002212-228-0027

Posted by Danny on October 21, 2009 at 1:18 pm


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