Spot Review: A new dessert Spot from Pichet Ong

Spot Review: A new dessert Spot from Pichet Ong

Ovaltine ice cream is a great thing. I tried to make it once, and it ended up tasting like… butterscotch. Normally when my culinary skills intersect with fucking it all up, the end result is usually inedible. My roommates can attest to this, as they both tasted my foul tasting chili from two weeks ago. Not sure why my kitchen skills suck so much, but I can actually accept butterscotch ice cream even though I was going for ovaltine. Good news was that I finally got to taste good ovaltine ice cream a few weeks ago. Spot is the new dessert spot (ha!) by Pichet Ong. In addition to the ovaltine ice cream, I stuffed my face with a cupcake and some random dessert with persimmons in it.

Before I get to talking about the green tea frosting cupcake, I just want to say that I probably can’t tell the difference between Ovaltine and Milo ice cream. It was previously mentioned that I can’t tell the difference between the drinks, so it should only be consistent that I wouldn’t know if someone gave me Milo ice cream instead of Ovaltine ice cream… either way, I like the version at Spot. It’s very reminiscent of one of those malty drinks.

The green tea cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with green tea frosting and some mystery treat on the inside. Maybe it was apricot? It was a nice enough cupcake although the filling didn’t particularly add anything to the cupcake. For $3, it was average when compared with other NYC cupcakes. My dream cupcake, which exists as soon as Archers Daniel Midland can concoct one out of corn… would be filled with some sort of chocolate cream. I don’t need no texture in my cupcake, just softness and moistness. The same things a little baby is expecting when he opens his mouth. Wait, what?!

Lastly we come to a plated dessert. At Pichet Ong’s previous dessert place, Batch, there weren’t any plated desserts. And I never went to P*ONG so I don’t know what he had there. Maybe Spot combines some plated stuff he had at Pong and put them with the take-out stuff he had at Batch… either way, I had a plated dessert. It was $7 dollars. It was some persimmons deal with white stuff around it. The reason I can’t provide more details was because it was not memorable at all. Unlike the other items I tried, this dessert item was not really cohesive as a single thing. Quite honestly, if someone gave this to me as a dessert at the end of a Chinese banquet meal, I would probably only eat half of it. But if it’s $7, I’ll lick that fucking plate like no one’s business.

I’m never going to be one of those people that turns things back because I’m just too feeble. That and I grew up in the South, which means I seethe on the inside while smiling and saying it’s alright. I could live with that… but you know what does get me steaming mad? A place that doesn’t put up cash only signs, and then tell you cash only when you put your credit card on the check. And then laughs at you in a bad attempt to make things alright. All I can say is, if you can’t laugh it off, don’t fucking laugh in my face. Maybe next time I’ll just punch your sorry ass and say that my understanding of the decorum wasn’t up to snuff. Southern manners, they’re iffy.

I saw on Kathy’s blog that she seemed to enjoy the desserts. So maybe it’s all on what you order. I’m probably just going to sit on the sidelines and wait for all the blogs to chime in on Spot, and figure out which plated dessert to get before I go back. Although the Passion fruit dessert looks really tasty…

Spot13 St Mark’s Place.New York, NY 10003

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