Stick to beef and pork tacos at Domo Taco Truck

Stick to beef and pork tacos at Domo Taco Truck

Domo Taco gets a bad rap. Really, go look on their yelp page. Panned. Check out the coverage on Midtown Lunch, mixed reviews. I think there are a couple of things they are doing right with the tacos and some things that perhaps they can try to figure out better. Since their location varies day to day, you would have to check their twitter page to see where they are exactly. On the day I went, they were in Midtown by like 53rd and Madison.

First things first… get a combo. They sell everything individually like the tacos, which are $3. Fish and shrimp tacos are $4. But if you get the three taco combo, it’s $8 and you can get any filling. The cheap Chink rule to combo meals is that you always fill up on dat seafood whenever you can. Notice that if you get one fish taco it’s $4, but if you get three fish tacos its only $8. See that? I went with fish, steak and pork just to mix it up. What’s the point of writing a blog and just writing about three fish tacos when they let me mix it up?

One of the complaints that people had about Domo Taco was that they did not double up on the tortilla per taco. Unlike condoms, people like it and think it correct usage to double up. It seems that the proprietors of Domo Taco heeded such criticism and doubled up on the tortillas for all the tacos. The steak taco was very drippy, although the flavor was really good. All that bunny-food like stuff they put on top went well with the beef. I have to say though, the menu said steak and it looked like ground beef, which is fine too. As long as it’s delicious, I don’t care. They gotta do something about the drippy sauce thing. I dunno, add a roux to it or some shit. Corn starch that shit up. Either way, this was good, would get this again.

The pork taco from Domo Taco is this five spice roast pork shoulder. I thought this was delicious as well. They had some burnt pieces in there which I love. Yea I know, cancer smancer. Gonna die some day. Gimme crispy bits while I’m alive please. This along with the beef taco were my favorites.

The fish taco is a pass though. There are a few things amiss with this taco. First of all, if you write the word ‘crisp’ in front of the word ‘fish’, I’m expecting something crispy. I’m not sure how hot fryers get in a mobile food truck, but after you add on bunny-food + salsa on top of anything fried, it gets soggy. This possessed the same issue as the quail at Pig and Khao. Stop saucing fried shit, people. Second of all, the fish had a fishy taste to it. Yea yea, big surprise, fish taste like fish. That’s not the point. There’s fish tacos that don’t have that. For example, look at the fish tacos at Dorado Tacos. Notice the picture of the Dorado taco… fibers on the bottom, only like a drizzle of sauce on top. Keep it crispy yo.

Overall I think Domo Taco is worth a try if you stay away from the fish taco. Obviously they listen to some of the haters. They’re not like Lebron who apparently listens to no one. That’s a good thing that a food truck tinkers with what works and doesn’t. I know it might not strike a cord especially with the value lovers or the authenticity wonks, but for a lunch it’s certainly respectable enough. It’s a playoff team, though just not one that’ll go deep into the playoffs. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Posted by Danny on May 30, 2013 at 6:26 pm

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