Stone Park Cafe Review: Eating grits at Stone Park Cafe

Stone Park Cafe Review: Eating grits at Stone Park Cafe

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. Wait, not really… but I did recently discover the song Tik Tok and it’s deliriously addicting for someone without musical taste like me. But really, what you want to feel in the morning is not like Diddy, but like his son. You know, so you can have a Maybach. Usually when I wake up in the morning on the weekend, I prefer to act like a hibernating bear. Although sometimes I can be pried out of bed by the thought of brunch. Pancakes and waffles are great. What really gets my attention is grits. As a person who used to live below the Mason-Dixie, and who never ate grits until coming to New York, for some reason I really love this shit.

After spending my formative years in the South, I came up to New York and got into this food blogging scene. I realized that I wasn’t versed in any type of Southern Cuisine whatsoever. No grits. No BBQ. No meat-n-threes. But after trying this thing called ‘grits’ or if you prefer, cornmeal, I discovered that it’s pretty doggone delicious. It kind of reminds me of congee in a way. The consistency is really similar and it can be eaten as a savory, warm breakfast food. To put a Park Slope angle on it, we’ll slap a $14 price tag for a tiny bowl. Fork in the Road recently visited Stone Park Cafe and found their food to be appealing. I agree, the food here is delicious and accessible. By accessible, I mean in terms of taste, not necessarily in terms of price. After all, how much should cornmeal cost with three little shrimps? I’m not sure. It was a delicious bowl that made me wish for a Goldman Sach’s bonus.

My Polaris was at brunch with me, and her north star for brunch is usually pancakes. Stone Park Cafe does this pretty well. You get three moon-sized pancakes for $12. This price is par for the course in the Slope, and it doesn’t hurt that the pancakes are delicious. It comes with some syrup and a little thing of blueberry sauce that’s really a great addition. Steph felt sorry for me that my plate was so small and maybe next time I’ll just order the pancakes too.

With 16-year-olds getting crazy cars, me falling in love with Southern food after moving out of the south, a Republican senator getting elected in a generally liberal state, and well-to-do cocksuckers wanting poor uninsured people to suffer through life, I feel like the apocalypse is imminent. For further evidence, I present an economics rap song an old ESPN college basketball analyst dancing. Oh last but not least, a little shameless self promotion.

Stone Park Cafe324 5th Avenue.Brooklyn, NY 11215718-369-0082

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