Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery Review: Sugar Sweet Sunshine is the best

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery Review: Sugar Sweet Sunshine is the best

I am really OCD whenever a food group gets into my brain. I just have to go try out a bunch of them, and that is what happened last week when I tried both Buttercup Bake Shop and Sugar Sweet Sunshine. There are worse things to be obsessed about, like cleaning your room, which I am definitely not obsessed about… And just like at Buttercup, I felt the need to get more cupcakes than necessary because I did not eat lunch that day. Who does not love cupcakes for lunch?!? It is the meal of a lifetime. Four different types of cupcakes, and at a dollar fiddy a piece, that is only $6 for a box of four cupcakes! Dear life, I love you. And let us get into the details.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine is located in the Lower East Side and I think it is my favorite cupcake shop in the city. The cupcakes are cheap compared to the other cupcake shops, and they offer a good variety. The four cupcakes were: Lemon, Pistachio, Red Velvet, and Chocolate. Eating these cupcakes and figuring out which one I like the most is probably like dying and going to heaven, then discovering that I am flanked by four blazing hot Playboy centerfolds. (Side note, I can only wonder what kind of ads will come with a keyword like that…) Some people would instead say it is like picking your favorite kid, but listen, you do not eat your kids! Wait, you do not eat centerfolds either… hmm… Someone help me with an analogy please. k. thx.

The most interesting (in a good way) was the pistachio cupcake. It was light and fluffy and had a nice hint of pistachio flavor. I like that even after starting with the chocolate cupcake, my mouth was not overwhelmed with the chocolatey sweetness and could still taste the pistachio. And actually my second favorite was the red velvet. These things grow on you, and quite literally since four cupcakes probably go straight into my gut. Mmm… making that BMI go up is my life mission. I hate that when I go to the doctor and they ask you, “Do you eat a lot of junk food? Do you eat a balanced diet? Do you exercise?” Uh… YES!

The chocolate cupcake came in third, and rounding out the bottom is the lemon flavored cupcake. So I was just chilling in a park eating these things, taking pictures like a retard because who eats half of four cupcakes and then takes 50 pictures? Not me. Only a loser would do that. Sheesh. And this dude walks by and goes, “Man, that is too much sugar.”

Wait dude! Come back! WTF? I had to ask Patrick if I heard right, and he confirmed what I heard. Seriously, everyone thinks they know something. Anyway, I am here to tell you that you can in fact eat cupcakes for breakfast and you will still be alive to tell tales. Time to make haikus…

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