Super Taco Truck Review: Super Taco Truck and the new taco truck alley

Super Taco Truck Review: Super Taco Truck and the new taco truck alley

Summer usually triggers certain things like lighter foods, salads, lemonades, out door grilling, and half naked people in Central Park. It’s also the start of the taco season in New York City. It’s one of those things that you can try to eat on the run, or just finish eating really fast. I discovered that 14th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue has TWO different taco trucks during the day. One truck is the El Idolo, which is on 14th but closer to 8th Ave. The other truck is Super Taco Truck, which is closer to 7th Avenue. Last week I tried the tacos from the Super Taco Truck, because with a name like that, why wouldn’t you want to eat their tacos?

Their tacos were $2 dollars last week, but my experience with smaller places is that if they get popular, their prices go up seemingly overnight. It’s not outrageous to imagine them raising the prices to $2.25 or $2.50 just at random. So yea, take the $2 price tag cautiously. While the price so agreeable, I started off with a lengua taco. This was decent and I totally forgot to take a picture of it. I’m not sure what’s supposed to be special about tongue tacos. Are tongues supposed to be a tender cut? A fatty cut? Or something tough that’s braised for a long period of time? The Super Taco Truck had a good version of it and I would probably order it again. Although nothing screams out, “OMG, lengua taco! Must Order!”

Then I got a spicy pork taco. Mmmm.. This was a little dryer than the lengua taco but I enjoyed the extra flavor of the spicy pork. The Super Taco Truck lets you pile on salsa after you buy your taco. Both the red and green salsa are a little watery, but maybe that’s just how they’re supposed to be. I’m a taco novice and don’t know how these things are supposed to be. I prefer to pile on the green salsa because it looks better for photographs and kind of tastes the same as the red one. This probably sounds absolutely insane to most people, but really… red spicy = green spicy. Try it yourself.

Afer the spicy pork taco, I went for the al pastor taco. I guess this is pork that’s supposed to come from a spit? But maybe they don’t actually grill it off of a spit inside the truck. I couldn’t see anything that looked like that in the truck. Compared to the spicy pork, this was not as flavorful but also not as dry. The trade off between flavor and moist meat… it’s just too much for my little mind to think about. My suggestion? Get both every time. And use lots of salsa because that makes it even tastier.

I also got a horchata because the woman who ordered before me got one too. She said it was cinnamony. I’ve only had horchata twice prior to this experience. Wikipedia says, “While in some countries the drink is usually tan and “milky”, some recipes call for milk, and others do not. Other ingredients often include sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla.” See that doesn’t really help me. The ones I’ve had, the horchata is always white in color, and kind of looks like water down milk. With sugar and cinnamon. Et voila. Horchata, the myserious white drink that’s refreshing and delicious and everyone makes it differently. Glad we got that all settled.

So apparently NYTimes covered this taco truck two years ago. In blogging time, that’s kinda like two centuries ago. They didn’t mention anything about this taco truck being on 14th Street and 7th Avenue during the day (since I haven’t been at night, I can’t vouch that they stay there all day. I do know the El Idolo truck moves away from 14th and 8th at night). No one is really talking about 14th street being taco truck alley, but find me another street in Manhattan with TWO taco trucks parked there at the same time. The best part of the taco trucks is that there’s really no wait at either El Idolo or at Super Taco Truck. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, and it’s probably a good time to get down to Taco Truck Alley and get some.

Super Taco Truck14th Street by 7th Avenue (Daytime).New York, NY 10011

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