Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop Review: Spicy Rizzak and genetically modified food

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop Review: Spicy Rizzak and genetically modified food

Social media apparently can flatten the world. Ideas can reach across oceans and topple dictators and revoke a constitution so that an army could rule a country. Hurray for Egypt! I think? You know what social media is not doing for me though? It’s not giving me cheaper sandwiches. Goddamn it! Where is Zucks when you need him? Apparently this place, Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop, is supposed to have awesome sandwiches. For $9 dollars. Sheesh, that’s just like nine dollar sandwiches from No. 7 Sub. It feels like in the information age where everything social makes everything better… it’s done nothing for me on the sandwich front.

Take this Spicy Rizzak sandwich for example. It’s a hefty monster. If it was a baseball player, it would be Big Papi because it weighs a ton. There’s turkey, bacon, onions, cheese, and spicy mayo in this mother. All of the ingredients sit on this baguette looking bread that’s coated with sesame seeds on the bottom. It’s a really good sandwich. Except it’s $9. All good sandwiches must come on good bread, and the Spicy Rizzak is no exception. It’ll cut the roof of your mouth a bit, but it’s workable inside your mouth. The spicy level of the sandwich is quite muted so if you want fire, look elsewhere.

Lastly I want to talk about this opinion piece on the NYTimes. I too want labels on genetically modified food but for completely different reasons. See, since most people find genetically modified food to be repugnant, that would perhaps drive down prices since demand would be low. This would allow me to eat for cheaper and that’s always a good thing.

The thing about this farm to table movement is that it’s the exactly opposite of the social media movement. Farm to table doesn’t democratize anything. Go ask Bittman or Ruhlman about food and proteins and they’ll just tell you that the world eats too much and people could eat less meat. That’ll save our planet, fish, blah blah blah. Everyone wants improvements in the food delivery ecosystem, but I certainly want to see mass production stay in place. If genetically modified food can help more people get access to food, the better. Because if we only have local and organic food, the price of food goes up. That’s all fine and dandy for all y’all reading this, and maybe even for me too. But I don’t think underprivileged individuals would take too kindly to richer people telling them, “Hey, just eat less. Take it from a NYTimes writer or a guy who’s on TV with finely coiffed hair.” What I want to see is rich white people telling someone on food stamps to be like, “Yo that beef you’re eating is fed by corn feed that’s generated from GM corn from Monsatos and the waste from that cow increases green house gases and it hurts local farmers.” Yea. I’d love to see that on TV. But if my point wasn’t clear, I want to see labels on genetically modified foods too.

Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop129 Rivington St.New York, NY 10002

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