Voodoo Doughnuts Review: Voodoo and magic

Voodoo Doughnuts Review: Voodoo and magic

Do not turn away from the monitor. Yes, that is bacon on top of a doughnut. Maybe you are a vegetarian (in which case, how do you stand reading this blog), or maybe you do not mix your bacon with other delicious goods. Whatever the case may be, if you ever stop in Portland, make a trip to Voodoo Donuts and try this Maple Bacon Donut! They also have other cool things like the Voodoo doll, which you will see a few pics down. Also something called c*ck and balls which I did not try… haha.

The thing about the bacon doughnut is that it combines the savory with the sweet. After one or two bites, it will convert the deepest of cynics, of which my friend Jack was a member. Even he had to give it some praise. The saltiness of the bacon cuts through the doughnut frosting to create a marriage of goodness. On the impressiveness scale, it was only slightly less impressive than that moment when hipsters decided to join the moppy hair doo with skinny jeans. See? Perfection, except this was in donut form and less douchey.

When a place has many varieties of basically the same thing, you cannot expect every variety to be good. My friends tried one plain donut before I finished my order and they said it was bad bad bad. Dry and just plain no good. Good thing they ate that and saved me some stomach space. See, they is good friends! Friends eat bad food for friends!

Another mild disappointment was the voodoo doll donut because while it was cool, fun concept, it just tasted like any ordinary jelly filled doughnut. When things are gimmicky, it gives me high hopes. It was shaped like a little doll with a pretzel sticking out of it and you could tear the arms off! And it bled jelly! It was fun without substance.

The rest of the doughnuts were a blur… that happens when you eat more than three at a time. No, I did not eat ALL of them, for some of them I only had a quarter of it because there were four of us. Good thing too because you see, I went to Portland for a friend’s wedding. And it was a bit of a problem because I could not actually fit into my suit pants… um yea… Good thing I had a belt! Oh man, it was pretty ridiculous looking… Good news is that I do not know too many people who are getting married in the near future, and this allows me some time to potentially slim down… oh who am I kidding, next time I am just going to buy a new suit. Stupid doughnuts, why do you have to taste so good?

Voodoo Doughnuts22 SW 3rd Ave.Portland, OR 97204503-241-4704

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