Why we should shut the fuck up and enjoy

Why we should shut the fuck up and enjoy

[Angry Danny shall commence… ] Currently I’m only plagued by first world problems, otherwise better known as white people problems. Luckily at the moment, I have a job, and that pretty much solves most other problems like housing, clean running water, access to a bathroom, and ability to buy clothing and food. My biggest problems right now include trying not to drop my phone, trying not to lose my metrocard like a dumbass, wondering why the wifi in my phone turns on by itself, and why some idiots at the gym think they are good at basketball when they’re average. Obviously there’s neurosis and other mental problems, but again, one wouldn’t have those if one was hungry or cold all the time. In summary, I have it pretty good when compared to the average citizen of the world. Seriously, we at a point where Pete Wells commenting on tasting menu being too much of a good thing to a Vanity Fair piece on pretty much the same shit. People need to relax. We got it pretty good in the U.S.A. The other day I was in City Bakery eating chocolate chip cookie and drinking a hot chocolate. As delicious as those two things were, they’re pretty much extravagant no matter what, especially when you compare it to what the average person in the world gets to eat. Imagine that, baked flour/butter and melted chocolate. Woo! It’s not even some 4-hour meal with fancy plates.

The fact that there’s commentary on food is pretty much amazing. As much as food blog readers don’t want to admit… globally, food shortage is a much much bigger problem than whether your pig ate antibiotics. A private multiglobal conglomerate genetically modifies seeds? My god! Guess what, there’s people starving in parts of the world cuz they can’t grow enough stuff to eat. And my guess is that they don’t have the money to do R&D on how to have better crops. I’m not saying Monsantos is a saint or a solver of all food shortage problems, but mutant corn is probably more of a solution than a problem globally. The fact that my cocoa puffs in the morning is 99.99% corn and 0.01% chocolate? Eh, that’s not the worst thing ever. I actually get to have electricity that keeps my milk at an edible temperature and enough money to buy cocoa puffs. It ain’t that bad. There’s no need for commentary on how my corn morning routine should replaced by oatmeal that’s delicately picked by human hands or whether we get to choose what we want in a tasting menu or if the chefs are making history or just doing the same ole shit. The fact that one is willing to shell out over $100 per person on any meal should be an indication that you should just shut the fuck up and enjoy it, and if you don’t enjoy it, you the one who can spend $100 dollars on that shit so if you don’t enjoy it, YOU are the one that made the mistake to try it, so again, shut the fuck up.

Do you know the real problem with white people problem? People actually don’t realize how good they have it, that’s why they hash tag white people problem on twitter or instagram their fancy meals. The fuck! We get to eat whenever the fuck we want, even if it’s Applebees. We read food blogs! We have so much of food that not only do we pick and choose what we want, we can fucking take pictures of it and talk about it. That’s pretty fancy yo. It’s 2013. It’s time we stop with, “Do we have it too good?” or “Are chefs dictators?” or “Do restaurants push the envelope?” or “I’m not going there cuz it’s not authentic” or “I’m not eating there cuz they won’t let me take pictures or check news on my smartphone.” The dining public is not stupid or ignorant. People are allowed to like what they like. Stop wishing the discourse can be elevated or some shit. If people are down with eating tator tots or refried frozen chicken strips and be happy? Hey, not a bad way to live. [Angry Danny out]

Posted by Danny on January 9, 2013 at 3:55 pm

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