Woorijip Review: Woorijip kimbap

Woorijip Review: Woorijip kimbap

A few weeks ago I wrote about trying kimbap at E-Mo Kimbap, and I wanted to revisit the Woorjip kimbap and see how the two stacked up against each other. Before going on, I have to say that I am not sure why kimbap taste good, maybe it is because they pack a variety of ingredients into one single roll? Or maybe it is the presence of rice (and who does not love rice??) It is filling, but not satifying in a way that an eel roll would be or slabs of crispy bacon. Oh stop looking at me like that, you do it too, slabs of bacon is happiness. All that said, kimbap is great for lunch because it fills you up right.

At Woorjip, the kimbap is pre-made and you just pick it up and go. They offer varieties like kimchi, tuna, and beef. There are some others but you get the point. I picked the beef version, which has beef, cucumbers, carrots, egg, and those yellow pickle things they always have at Japanese restaurants. What are those things called?! My main issue with the kimbap is that the beef flavor gets lost in the shuffle. This problem occurs at E-Mo as well. I think mostly this is because beef is not a good variety to get. The second minor issue is that this is not fresh, which means the rice is not as soft and yum as rice at E-Mo. The redeeming factor of Woorjip’s kimbap is that their kimbap seems slightly larger and you get more bang for your buck.

While I was in line to pay for the kimbap, this thing called out to me. What was this thing? It was like love. No, it was like an infatuation. No wait, it was a rainbow rice cake. See the difference between love and rainbow rice cakes is that only the latter can lie to you about tasting good. Just look at that thing! It has three colors. Three pretty colors that just scream, “my food coloring is tricking your brain!!!” But I did not listen, I picked it up.

The rainbow rice cake was all looks, no substance. Think of it as a Sex and the City episode. (Oh who am I kidding, I will see the movie too. There, I said it.) The problem was that it did not taste like anything. It was dense and thick and sticky and… boring. The kimbap left me happy and satisfied, but the rainbow rice cake just reminded me to be cautious of traditional Asian desserts. WHY???? Anyway, if you go to Woorjip, stick to the kimbap and life will be good.

Woorijip12 W 32nd St.New York, NY 10001212-244-1115

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