Ying Du Review: Ying Du

Ying Du Review: Ying Du

Let us play, things that I was supposed to do, versus things I actually did instead. Supposed to: read the library book that will be due in four days. Actually did: listened to songs on youtube that my friends sang in karaoke last weekend. Let me ask you, have you ever seen three guys sing the song, Put your record on by Corinne Bailey Rae? Neither have I, because I was singing it and there were no mirrors. Yea and that was after You’re still the one by Shania Twain. Sight to see, lemme tell ya. Oh and Don’t stop believin’ by Journey is a great one for groups. You know, just FYI. And pointless trivia of the day is that in some parts of the world the word for karaoke is: ka-la-O-kay. I am for real. Oh right, fooooood blog. Well aside from karaoke, Asians also like cheap food. Some of you are thinking that is not true of all Asians. Well, I took a scientific survey of one, and that was the result. Sorry. Without further ado, to infinity and beyond! (And by infinity I mean ‘lunch’).

Over at Midtown lunch, Zach uncovered the name change and renovations that occurred at the 38th Street Restaurant and Bakery. They used to be kind of grimey, and by kind of, I mean completely grimey to the point where I have seen individuals go in, make a face, then leave. Yea, I have been there that many times. This is pretty much my favorite place in midtown for a satisfying lunch with roast meats.

Anyway, the price used to be $3.75 aka super dirt cheap. Now they kind of changed it up. See, usually they have dishes behind the glass counter and you can choose three things with rice. But you used to be able to do two roast meats plus one vegetable and still have it cost $3.75, however this most recent visit the price was $4.50 aka dirt cheap (minus the super part). The roast meat might be slightly inferior quality to some places in Chinatown, but hands down beat any kind of roast meat you can get anywhere else in midtown.

If you want general tso or something like beef and broccoli, this really is not a place for you. Most of the dishes behind the glass counter are more homey and some of the stuff you probably have never even seen before. Seriously, when was the last time you walked into a restaurant and saw a hotel pan full of bitter melon? Anyone? Exactly. This is not yo mama’s Chinese take-out joint. But, it is a new year soon, and you should get with the program and eat better.

Random question of the day, suppose you are at a restaurant you are not familiar with, which was what happened to me during Christmas day at New York Noodletown. And this perfectly nice family sits down and asks, “So what is good here?” What do you say if you do not know what is good? Yea I know, a food blogger, how can I not know what to suggest? See, this was extra problematic because it was a non-Asian family asking four Asian guys. I stammered because, well, that is what I do. Then my friend just chimed in and said the roast pig is good (actually we later found out the roast duck is better, so now you know). Ok, why was this a problem? Well, first I did not want to come off as a non-English speaker. Second, the Chinese guy in a Chinese restaurant has no suggestions? Sheesh. Anyway, what do you usually do?

Ying Du273 W 38th St.New York, NY 10018212-575-6978

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