Yun Nan Flavour Snack Shop Review: Yun Nan Flavour Snack

Yun Nan Flavour Snack Shop Review: Yun Nan Flavour Snack

There are people who blink when served with pork intestines as a topping and then there are people like me. This past weekend I was super excited to find that the noodles with crispy pork from Yun Nan Flavour Snack had crispy pork along with pork intestines as a topping. Normally I would say you can separate people into the ones who eat intestines and those who don’t. But really, how many of you out there even like intestines? Seriously, it’s not one of those things that’s easy to like but when you’ve had good intestines… man you just love it. Yun Nan Flavour Snack has good ones in their noodles with crispy pork.

Yun Nan Flavour Snack is run by a middle aged Chinese couple. The place is more of a hole-in-the-wall than a real sit down restaurant. There were about eight or nine stools in the entire joint. Their specialty seem to be the rice noodle with [insert meat here].Their spicy dumplings are probably also a popular item. Anyone can go there since their menu is translated and you could order by giving them numbers. Our order went something like this, “One 3, one 4, one 15, one 19, three 27s, and oh a 7.” The woman behind the counter was a little surprised to see four people order this much food… I don’t think they usually see orders like this because our order sort of backed them up for ten minutes. When we left, the place was packed to the brim.

We tried the cold noodles with ground beef, noodles with crispy pork, noodles with spicy beef, noodles with spicy pork, noodles with crispy meat sauce, and three orders of their spicy dumplings. The love to layer on the cilantro and green onions, and the chilis. All the dishes at Yun Nan Flavour Snack packs a punch. It’s not as crazy hot as Sichuan food, but it’s definitely up there. The soup/broth that comes with the noodle is deeply satisfying with a strong spicy taste. There was also a hint of vinegar or something like it that helped to round out the taste. This place was no joke.

My favorite had to be the noodles with the crispy pork. Yun Nan Flavour Snack does a great job with the intestines. Sometimes those things are tough and impossible to chew. These intestines were soft and succumbed to a normal level of mastication. And the crispy bits of pork retained enough crispiness even though it was submerged in the soup. Really, this was a perfect winter dish – porky, heart-warming, and deeply satisfying.

At $4.25 per dish, Yun Nan Flavour Snack was a very affordable lunch. Sure, it’s kind of out of the way unless you’re living close to Sunset Park or if you live by the B11 bus, there’s a bus stop right in front of this place. I just want to be able to teleport to this place right now and get some dumplings and an order of the noodles crispy pork. Oh man.. spicy intestines. Gotta love it.

Yun Nan Flavour Snack Shop775A 49th St.Brooklyn, NY 11220718-633-3090

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