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France and desserts from Sadaharu Aoki

That picture is from the Sunday when I was supposed to fly home a week ago. The volcano shut down CDG airport and all flights were canceled. I'm here to tell you that if you are traveling to Europe in the future, get yourself an European airline. Whatever you do, don't fly US Domestic unless you have status. And most of all, DO NOT FLY DELTA. Jesus christ. These people are a piece of work. So I go to the airport right? They tell me everything is on the website, go to the website. The problem was, I DID go on the website, and the website said...

Kefi Review: Appetizers at Kefi and food truck news

Lately I've felt uninspired to write about food. Blogging in your spare time is like a hobby that feels like a job. No one likes a job. Sometimes I wonder if it's New York City though. Coming up on my 11th year in the five boroughs, some of it feels old. I'm the hairball that a cat is ready to spit out. Sometimes you plant yourself in a place for a long period of time, and it doesn't mean it'll always work out in the long term. Look at food trucks. NYTimes says they're getting shoo'ed out of Midtown. The Treats Truck had been in her spot...

Rant about authentic Chinese food

A man once said to me, "Because I'm [insert nationality], the food that I cook is [insert same nationality]." It made sense to me. I think the particular nationality in the phrase could easily be applied to any of the popular ethnic food in the U.S. Authenticity is a subject that can be tackled endlessly. It's no secret how I feel about supposed Chinese food that doesn't live in a predominantly Chinese neighborhood. This got me thinking even more...

This is a poo

Today's post will be epic. I will talk about things that other food bloggers just aren't talking about because it's too gross. Also, I'll talk about how much of an asshole I am. And show you through a hypothetical example why that is. First thing is first, so let's get started...