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Sausage McMuffin

After two months of being a parent, I can say that it doesn't get any easier! The food blogging pretty much has stopped but it's nice to take...

Year of the Rat

Happy New Year! For those who celebrate the Lunar/Chinese New Year, I think the year of the Rat will be awesome. I sort of celebrate it. I do not really know any of the traditions or any of the things one is supposed to do during this time; maybe pay respects to our elders? Back when I was a kid (and you know your life is on a down turn when you can start using that phrase. le sigh), I would get red envelopes or 'hong bao' (Mandarin) and it would be filled with money. And when you are a kid, money was special because it was...

Lani Kai Review: Lani Kai Happy Hour specials and hating high school

I hated high school. My sister left me a comment on Facebook a while ago talking about how I have inelastic disdain for Republicans. I have inelastic disdain towards high school as well. Also towards the college that gave me a bachelor's degree. That's a story for another time. I really think that high school should be more about preparing you for college instead of just being lame and boring. What I dislike the most is that even though we all grow up and grow out of any molds that we lived in for those four seemingly torturous years, it still never leaves you. High school is...

Thirsty fish haiku and dunkin donuts

My friends have informed me that ever since I've started writing here on Food in Mouth, I've been making lame-ass attempts at using words higher than my current reading level. So this weekend when Ming brought up he was interested in seeing Synecdoche, NY, it went something like this: "So what does 'synecdoche' mean?" "Dunno, why don't you ask Lord Byron over there." "Wait, I don't have my contacts on today, is that Bill Shakespeare?" It went on and on like that. Sometimes my life is like a Southwest Commercial. I still had to make a haiku this week though, and it had to make no sense at...

Lan Zhou Hand Pulled Noodle Review: Lan zhou hand pulled noodles and banh mi

After years of playing pick-up basketball, you kind of settle into your role. Of course all of this is dependent upon the competition. If the competition is weak, you have to be aggressive and take charge. If the competition is strong, and you know you can only play a limited role, well then you accept your role and try to do it as best you can. For example, if you're not the best guy on your team, you should just strive to do a few things well. Maybe it's rebound the basketball or maybe it's to hit an open 3 pointer to stretch the defense. Whatever you...