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Panda Express (JFK) Review: Pandamonium at Panda Express

Airport food probably could be a theme of a food blog. If there's some consultant out there reading this who wants to start a food blog, there you go. Usually airport food is uninspiring. Usually I'm not too impressed by anything inside of an airport. One exception is in Chicago where one of those airports has a Potbelly Sandwich Works. Mmm...

Red Egg Review: Red Egg

You know the way Cookie Monster loves cookies? Or the way Pooh loves honey? That's kind like me and and dim sum. I could eat it every week and never get tired of it. Really, every time is like a magic carpet ride. Last weekend I actually had dim sum both on Saturday AND Sunday. Chinatown Brasserie with Stephanie featured good food and an unanswerable culinary question. Red Egg with Eric featured lunch with the only person I know who's attended a Celine Dion Concert. Oh and the food was pretty good too. Early this spring, there was some mention of Red Egg. Then not much mention around...