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Otto Review: Otto

As I discovered last week, starch and dairy can dominate a vegetarian diet or in my case lots of pretzels. If I had to maintain the diet, pizza and pasta would probably be popular choices as well. The restaurant Otto would satisfy both of those things at a semi-reasonable price too. Last week I stopped by twice, once to get pasta, and once to eat the olive oil gelato. I had visited Otto once prior to last week, and every time I sat in the bar. The bar area is pretty spacious and allow you to sit and eat comfortably. Adjacent to the actual bar are these...

Mantou Noodle Bar Review: Mantou

Guest Post - Time for another guest post! Man I love these things. Once again, the man who brought you reviews of Urban Belly and Hot Doug's is here again. Jonathan brings us another tasty tale from Chicago, and this time it's about mantous. If you don't know what they are, read on! Also keep reading if you do know what they are...

Food Sing 88 Review: Food Shing

Before I get started into Food Shing, which is what this post is supposed to be about. I will jump into a tangent. So in another episode of checking my manhood at the door, I will share with my four readers, a gchat interaction betwee my sister and I. (And oddly it is interesting when I say three readers, three respond. Let us go for four this time. For the glory folks). My gchat message was, "sign #979724 that i am not a man. i kind of want to watch ps i love you." Actually in reality I am very private and paranoid (why keep a blog...

New Malaysia Restaurant Review: Baby Oyster omelet at New Malaysia

Do you ever bring leftovers home, and your roommate walks by and goes, "Yo our fridge smells. What is that?!" Oh, just anchovies fried with shrimp paste. No biggie. Last week I tried the oyster omelet at Jobee's. I was a fan of the Taiwanese style of oyster omelet, with corn starch. Then Ming told me that New Malaysia also has a good oyster omelet. I had to go investigate. I decided to have an entire meal from the appetizer menu at New Malaysia. To start off, I got some roti canai, or Indian Pancake. The warm, soft, thin pancake is perfect for soaking up the bowl of...