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The magical carpet ride of living in New York City for wife and me will end in the summer of 2016. We've decided that after graduate school, the only thing that's going to keep wifey and me here in New York is finding the dream job. Or the way I like to phrase it to people around me is, "If I can somehow trick Google or Facebook into hiring me, then it's doable to stay in New York." It would seem that those companies don't let too many through the cracks. And it doesn't have to be those two as long as it's a good tech company....

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Lately wife and I have started a new routine of waking up around 6 AM, and I have to say, man it is hard to wake up early in the morning. I don't know how some people do it. I'm hungry at 10:30 and constantly think about snacks. My brain now just thinks about pretzels and cookies and cake all day long. Props to the individuals who are productive and and wake up that early. Is there a trick? I mean, besides drinking coffee because normally I just drink tea. Since the semester started, I prefer to only use coffee as a study aid, since I need...