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Restaurant Guide for New York City by Food in Mouth

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Picholine Review: Picholine

Throughout college I was always the cheapest guy amongst my group of friends. Spaghetti every week and ramen went a loooong way. I even packed lunch during freshman yea. How many college kids pack lunch?!? Weirdo. Once my aunt even called and told me to not be so frugal, and that it was okay to spend money on food. That of course was after mom had called and said the same thing. It was something along the lines of, "You cannot eat instant ramen and spaghetti everyday. Stop that." Cheap tendencies die hard, and when Eater reported about a free $50 dollar gift card, I was all...

Chef Yu Review: Chef yu is solid

The other day my roommate told me about a Chinese restaurant near her office. I was skeptical because she works around 34th street area - the tundra of the midtown tundra that is the New York food landscape. "Yea my Chinese coworkers took me to Chef Yu's and it was really good." She told me. I had to see about that! I went twice last week, and came away a believer. Chef Yu is tucked under construction awnings right now; walking down the street you could easily miss it. It is not like walking down the street and seeing Jean Grey or Professor Snape because you always notice...

Sam Sifton and trustworthiness

The New York Times has named its next food critic. Sam Sifton is the man of the hour, the guy who is supposed to replace Frank Bruni. Eater has provided a dossier, Daniel Mauer of Grub St: NY has commented on the power of the restaurant critic, and Ed Levine of SE:NY has showered Sifton with rainbows and unicorns. What really caught my attention thus far has been Sam's own comments from The New York Times. His comments on the internet went like this, "I don’t know that I trust the opinion of that guy who loved the sandwiches at Xie Xie and wrote about it on...