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On Restaurants, Dining, Streetfood, and a truthy voice on food blogging

Apparently New York City will get a Chick-Fil-a at some point in 2015, around the Bryant Park area by 6th ave. It kind of bugs me that such tasty chicken sandwiches go on to make some despicably religious conservatives uber rich. Seriously, look up the net worth of S Truett Cathy before his passing, and he was a billionaire. AMNY said that when it opened in Chicago, its mayor voiced disapproval, I assume because of what their CEO tweeted in 2012. But you know what, in the Chicago location we saw...

How to make good french fries at home

When you rent long enough in New York City, two possible scenarios happen. One, you either can afford the nice neighborhoods and why wouldn't you want to stay? Or two, you cannot afford the nice neighborhoods and everyone you know who lives in the suburbs are like, "You live in a box yo." Living in disillusion kind of like accidentally eating a tapeworm. At first the disillusion don't matter all that much until one day the tapeworm finds its way to your brain, grows big, and you're like, "I have an 8 ft tapeworm in my body and I'm not even 6 foot tall." All this to...

On Restaurants, Dining, Streetfood, and a truthy voice on food blogging

The other day wifey and I woke up at 3 am and took the train into the city. Weather had not yet turned cold. It wasn't the kind of wind that would dry out your skin. But waiting for a train at that time of the night, and then walking on the sidewalks of New York made me feel like a tourist, like some outsider. People walked around, ready to end their night at 4 am, not knowing where they had parked their cars. Maybe I'm the one who overstayed the welcome in New York. But one thing that always makes me feel right at home is...