Bouchon Bakery Review: Spider eggs donut from Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery Review: Spider eggs donut from Bouchon Bakery

It’s great when the food that you’re eating reminds you of something happy. Sometimes though, the food that you’re eating reminds you of something not so happy, and it’s just confusing because it still tastes good. I got some sort of cream filled chocolate donut from Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center a few weeks ago. It’s a tasty enough donut and for $3+, it better damn be tasty. The only thing was that the top of the donut reminded me of spider eggs. If the round crunchy bits weren’t covered in chocolate, I’m not sure that it would have been so appetizing. Thankfully it was.

While paying over $3 for a donut mayb be excessive, I guess that’s what you get when you’re buying donuts from a mall in the Upper West Side. Half way through eating my expensive donut, something weird happened. My donut broke in half. No, it didn’t break it half because I ate half of it. It broke in half because this donut was ‘glued’ together. It had a top half and a bottom half. I suppose that’s how they got the cream filling in the middle. So imagine the donut being two discs, a top one and a bottom one. After the structural failure, I ended up with two donuts. One with a crunchy, chocolatey top, and a second one with a creamy custard-like topping. While it was filing and satsifying, the donut didn’t fall under the category of sublime. It’s not something you have to rush out and try, but if you have three washingtons burning a hole in your pocket, and you’re by Columbus Circle, it’s not a bad option.

This week you get another dorktastic video of me eating some chips. Flat Earth chips to be exact. I realized after purchasing these that they’re from the same manufacturer. That manufacturer should go unnammed although it’s pretty obvious. Next time I’m going to just buy something from the Chinese grocery store, as to avoid seeming like I’m shilling for some company. I’m a man of character. I only shill when you pay me a lot of money.

Oh and before I get too far, I just want to clarify my whole stance on food critics and folks like Sam Sifton. Mostly, I think they got a tough job, and that the NYT picked a pretty good candidate. Aside from that, I think blogs are something that’s irked mainstream media, and rightly so. With newspaper earnings on the decline, and popularity of things like Gawker Media going up, you can’t really blame folks in the print industry to be a bit defensive. I just think it’s important that even as someone wants to criticize blogs, that the person should kind of get it straight about what he/she doesn’t like. If Sifton names Eater, Yelp, and Midtown Lunch, honestly I’m not sure what other genre is left. Recipe blogs maybe?

On Eater, the food critic Jay Rayner seems to get it. He knows that print journalists represent the premium brand. That’s really never going to change unless someone can figure out how to monetize a blog by a thounsand fold. Imagine a blogger eating at restaurants the way a real critic would… three or four times per restaurant. One detailed write-up a week. AND collect a salary, pension, and health insurance on top of that. Seriously, blogging content is just not competing at the same level, so that’s part of why I don’t know why there’s disdain from the print people. Ok, no more on this topic because I also realized that it’s pointless to have this monologue. I’m never going to get a dialog from a print food critic who dislikes food bloggers so what’s the point?

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