L'As Du Fallafel Review: Awesome sandwich at L'as du Falafel

L'As Du Fallafel Review: Awesome sandwich at L'as du Falafel

One of the worst deals required by society is college. Two things about college. One, I loved eating cheap food throughout college. The length that we went to eat cheaply probably crossed the line of legality at some point. Two, I didn’t learn all that much. I can remember that in college, one time the assignment was to read Allegory of the Cave. To this day, I have no idea what the hell that story is about. This actually brings me back to point one, about cheap foods. One of the things that was consumed often was Mamoun’s Falafel. It was close to campus and back then, it was just $2 for one falafel sandwich. While I loved their falafel as a youngin’, I’ve come to appreciate other falafel sandwiches that layers the ingredients in a more organized manner. It also makes me think about vegetarians because falafel sandwiches is one of those things that a group of people can get if someone’s a born-vegetarian. But in a born-vegetarian’s world of non-meat food, does a vegetarian ever know what food is? I mean, is eating fake chicken and fake meat just like people stuck in a cave, staring at shadows? Even if it’s the most realistic shadow ever, or the most delicious falafel sandwich ever, does a vegetarian ever get to see the sun? I’m not so sure. What I can tell you about falafel sandwiches is that in Paris, at L’as du Falafel, they serve up a crazy delicious version of a falafel sandwich.

We went on a night when it was kind of drizzling, and the place was paaacked. There’s actually two lines. One line is for people waiting to sit down in the restaurant, and a second line was for people who just want to order take-out. The take-out line works like this, you get in line, and a dude comes up to take your order, you give him your order, pay, and he gives you a ticket. Then when it’s your turn to walk up to the take-out window, you present your ticket and they take care of your sandwich. What’s great about the sandwich is that they’ll put some fried eggplant and pickled cabbage in there along with normal falafel sandwich ingredients.

What’s great about this falafel sandwich was that it’s super fresh since there’s always a line, they keep making fresh falafel. The sandwich is also ginormous. It’s easily the size of two sandwiches from Mamoun’s. I think this is a really great sandwich and definitely a great budget option for those of you who want to take a break from the normal food prices in Paris. Vacationing in France is nice and all, but it’s still really nice to kinda have a cheap eats in there in the middle of a bunch of brasserie type of food.

While the sandwich from L’as du Falafel was super baller, I’m not sure that I think it’s enough to convert meat eaters to vegetarianism or lead me to believe that vegetarians eat so well that they know what food is all about. At some level, we say if a person has enough experiences with something, then that person can sorta of talk about it without sounding like a fool. But tell me this, if you have a born-vegetarian friend that comes to you and is like, “I just had the best tasting thing!” and you’re an omnivore, what goes through your mind? Since I don’t have vegetarian friends, I’m not sure what actually would go through my mind, but I probably would be dismissive of it, unless the sentence is, “I just ate the best seitan of my life” to which I’d think, “That shit be wack!” So riddle me this readers, could born-vegetarians ever see the food world as completely as those who are omnivores?

L’As Du Fallafel34 Rue des Rosiers.Paris, FR 7500401 48 87 63 60

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