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L'Arte del Gelato Review: L'Arte del Gelato

One of the earliest suggestions I got for this blog was to just be the lone "I shit on it all" type of food blogger. By the way, if you're out there and aspiring to make a name for yourself, there you go. Free idea. Shit on every single restaurant you eat at, I guarantee you the NYC food blogosphere will take note. If you can do it with humor, you might even get a book deal overnight. So I went to L'Arte del Gelato with some high expectations because they've been written about with high regards. I don't think it's my favorite. You all know me, it's hard to get me to not like something unless it's shitty American-Chinese food. But the thing is, after reading about how awesome a place is, it's natural to expect the place to just BLOW YO' MIND. That...