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Sous vide steak in a beer cooler

Last week I analyzed some of my favorite activities. They include: watching basketball, playing basketball, watching movies, hanging out with Steph, forcing her to watch NBA Playoffs with me, and lounging around like an amoeba. Oh, and eating. Everything else in life is ancillary and quite useless, like this blog here. It's a wonder that I would take the time to try sous vide steak in a beer cooler. This method was taken from Kenji Lopez-Alt at this post on Serious Eats. This method of cooking steak is fun to try because it's fairly inexpensive, and it's very hands-off. As you saw previously, most of my favorite...

Tim Ho Wan is awesome

This morning at breakfast, I was eating some coco puffs with soy milk. Wifey asked me what kind of soy milk it was, and I said it was on sale. She looked at the packaging, which had some panda on it or some shit, and looked at the ingredients list. She said the number one ingredient was water. That was interesting cuz coco puffs don't taste like cocoa either, they taste like corn balls. That brings me to dim sum in Hong Kong because the thing is that dim sum in Hong Kong taste like something. Sometimes the dim sum in NYC is just passable. Sure, you...