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Momofuku Milk Bar Review: Basketball and crack pie

My one-third life crisis is not yet over, although since the NBA Playoffs are about to end, my ability to watch sports this summer will be limited to tennis (Wimboldon and U.S. Open). And then it'll be time to be a bandwagon fan for the MLB Playoffs! hurray! I've been bad about the diet, but that's ok since I started to go outside more. Right now, I'm working on my 15 foot jumper. Man, it's hard to shoot a jump shot when you only get like two inches off of the ground. The timing of releasing a basketball at the apex of a 2 inch jump means...

The Breslin Review: Lamb burger at The Breslin

Tits and ass is the killer combo that many males love. Another combo that guys (and gals) love is burgers and fries. And yes I just started this post this way just to put T&A into the beginning of this post. Few weeks ago, Grub Street did a french fries post with Alain Ducasse and he listed The Breslin as having the top fries. I went to check out the burger this week because sometimes the only way to feel alive is make sure you're full and content after being satiated by the wonderful combo of tits and ass burgers and fries. First thing's first...

Semi-homemade ice cream sandwich

When you're feeling lazy because the weather is so nice, you just don't want to stay in the kitchen and cook. Fall weather in New York is fickle. It comes and goes and it's over before you know it. It's best to enjoy it while it's here. What do you do then? You go with the semi-homemade route of course. Yea that's right, I said it - semi-homemade. If you've ever seen the Food Network with any regularity, you must be familiar with the schtick of Sandra Lee. That's what Food in Mouth is all about today. Today we're going to satisfy my sweet tooth, Andrew Cuomo...

Mille-feuille Review: Mille-Feuille has buttery croissants

My very first digital camera was purchased online sometime around 2003? It featured 3 megapixels and it was from FujiFilm. I must have read like fifty reviews just to make sure it was a good deal, and finally purchased it from Gateway. Remember them? They used to compete with Dell, and they had boxes painted like dairy cows. The best part of the camera was that they messed up on shipping and gave me two cameras. Sold one to a friend and made some extra pocket change. With that little point-and-shoot, New York City looked really cool to me. Everything was novel. I took pictures of everything....