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Num Pang Review: Num Pang pork belly sandwich

Do people ever read you so poorly, that they just ask a question that might be normal for other people, but ridiculous for you? Since I have problems with decision making, I often like to ask the server or counterperson for suggestions or recommendations. After all, these people work there, and they should kind of know what is good on the menu. This past weekend I went to Num Pang and asked the counter person for a suggestion between two of the sandwiches. Pork belly vs catfish. Obviously, these were two completely different type of proteins. The woman was a little confused because I guess a more...

Verjus Review: Delicious food at Verjus in Paris

The previous post about Paris left off with a prix fixe lunch at Cafe Constant. We had gone back to the hotel to rest and to complain to priceline about how they were kind of duplicitous with their ads, and I worked myself into an appetite. It's a good thing Steph planned our dinner already because I had already stressed her out with my incredibly agitating tone with the front desk. We set off for Verjus. It's a well-reviewed restaurant in the 2nd arrondissement near the Palais Royale. The restaurant is owned by a pair of Americans and the secrete has been out for a while. The...

Dos Toros Taqueria Review: Dos Toros Taqueria

The weather always poses an interesting dilemma on food. If it gets hotter, do I want to eat something that is cool and refreshing? Like watermelon or salads? Or globs upon globs of ice cream? Or do I want something to eat on the go because when it's summery, it's more fun to go outside and walk around? My neanderthal brain can't really handle all these decision points, which is why I fail at the 9 to 5. Last week someone uttered the word 'deliverable' to me at the office and I got confused the same way real critics do when they hear bloggers say 'deliciousness' and...

Filet o Fish

One of the things that is really new about being a parent is the little things that make you geek out and have a positive reaction. I can imagine this...