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Food in Mouth

Nougatine Review: Nougatine for Winter Restaurant Week 2009

Restaurant Week is upon us again! Some people are not in favor of RW menus because they believe it's not such a great deal. There are certain places around the city where the meal seems like a good bang for your buck. Nougatine routinely comes up as one of the places to visit. They actually offer the RW lunch deal year round, Monday through Friday. I actually visited Nougatine for summer Restaurant Week but it was uninspiring. This time around it was a much better experience. The best part about the meal was that it occurred on a Sunday. Due to the economy being in the shitter,...

The City Bakery Review: City Bakery

Sometimes writing a blog feels very narcisstic. I try to keep that in check by listening to music that make me question my own depreciating level of manliness. Does that make sense? I mean, it is not like I have Celine Dion and Michael Bolton playing or anything. Then I tell myself, "see, look at you, you are not even cool enough to be a hipster or listen to rap, hell you are listening to [blank]." I left that blank because incriminating evidence is just not necessary. Suffice to say the songs on my playlist are not covered in Guitar Hero III (well, except Pat Benatar because...

Momofuku Milk Bar at first glance

All the cool kids had gone already and reported back with their stories. Blondie and Brownie reported of a line that was over an hour. Nick from Beef Aficionado eloquently described his experience at Momofuku Milk Bar. There was much buzz surrounding the new Milk Bar that opened this past weekend. Located adjacent to the Ssam bar on 13th street, Momofuku Milk Bar proved that people still cannot get enough. The latest creation of the David Chang's Momofuku empire was worth all the hype. Two items really caught my attention, and those were the compost cookie and the pistachio cake. Early word on the street by Ed Levine...

Day 2 of France Trip 2010

See that? That's food in the mouth of food. What you have here is a mutton eating some pain. In France, even sheep likes bread. Unfortunately for the sheep, she didn't get it the way I did, which was slathered with Brittany butter. Sorry sheep, no butter for you. Day 2 was pretty fantastic, and full of food. I'm going to go light on the descriptions and heavy on the pictures. So the day started with breakfast which of course was bread, three kinds...

Lunch at Le Château Richeux

Near the town of Cancale in Brittany, there's a well-known restaurant called Le Château Richeux. It's owned by Olivier Roellinger. You may remember the restaurant and the dude from the episode of No Reservations when Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to the restaurant. It's kinda in the middle of no where, but the food here is pretty amazing. In the U.S. we would label this as farm to table, while in France they just call it food. The restaurant is approved by Relais & Chateaux, which puts their stamp on impressive restaurants in the U.S., such as Jean Georges, Per Se, or Eleven Madison Park. Such luxury...

Ramen Setagaya Review: Winter is for ramen and hibernation

When it gets cold I like loading up on carbs and store a lot of fat for the winter. While this may sound scary for my doctor or my mom, it sounds kinda nice to me. The other day Jonathan was telling me about how Grace carb-loaded before a marathon. You know, I like carb loading and then watching football. One is eating and exercising, the other is eating and being fat. Of the two, I seem to settle for the latter way too much. Cold weather and carb loading combines two of my favorite things. Ramen makes its way to my regular diet during the cold...