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Chinatown posts on Food in Mouth

A quick detour from the vacation posts. To give you an idea just how damn slow I am, those vacation posts are nearly seven months old. At the current rate, I won't finish til it's been a full year since the vacation. But a break is necessary sometimes. Every year around the first few months of the year, I beseech for my market value on the job market. Just like the last few years, it has been a sobering and humbling experience to realize just how dire I might feel if layoffs ever come. Apparently I'm not very employable, but at least I have a job now,...

Mexican posts on Food in Mouth

On the way to a roof top bar a few weeks ago, Steph and I walked by a Mexican restaurant that had an A grade in the window. It reminded me of getting a torta from Rinconcito Mexicano because it seems that whenever you walk west of 8th avenue in Midtown, you start to get into better options for Mexican food. What I love about Ponche is that it bills itself as an authentic Mexican restaurant AND it has an A from the health department. How dare they upset my perception of the kind of grades a Mexican restaurant can receive? Seeing as I prefer my bunghole...

Sandwiches posts on Food in Mouth

I'm glad that Luke's Lobster has an outpost on the Upper West Side now. It's much easier than going all the way to first ave in the village just to get a lobster roll. Convenience really goes a long way in how I choose to eat. Most of the time, I figure out what to do on the weekends first, then try to think about what to eat in the area. Usually that leaves me with nothing, since I can't think fast enough and am too indecisive. Last month we were in the mood of something summery, and lobster rolls sounded like a good idea. I'm glad...